• Ray wrote 52 Baker's Dozen articles. Each is centered on a specific marketing theme and each contains a baker's dozen of tips, hints, and suggestions. Visit the archive.
  • From mid 2001 until his death, Ray wrote a weekly e-zine with observations on marketing, life, riding motorcycles, and anything else he found interesting. Visit the archive.
  • When Ray learned that he had late-stage leukemia, he fought back. Intense chemotherapy and a will to live kept him going far longer than even the most optimistic physicians predicted. Ray's It IS What's Next account is one of optimism and courage. Read the story.
  • Lead generation is an essential function for any successful business. Ray wrote an 11-part series on generating leads that will pay off. Read the series.
  • Magic Marketing Minutes is a series of 48 short articles that comprise Ray's book of the same name. This is one of two complete books that Ray made available for free on his website. Read the book.
  • Power Direct Marketing is a much larger book, but it is also available for reading, free, on the website. Ray covers direct marketing from A to Z. Read the book.
  • Ray wrote 109 Power Direct Marketing articles, each of which takes a look at a specific business or market and examines the techniques that have brought success. Visit the archive.
  • One of Ray's great delights was quotations – particularly those by the world famous "Anonymous". This series consists of 134 lists of quotations. Visit the archive.
  • Remembering Ray Jutkins is a special website ( set up to collect memories and comments from Ray's many friends and associates. Visit the site.

Ray Jutkins was involved with direct marketing for nearly five decades. He is the 1999-2000 winner of the Arizona Direct Marketing Association's Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Following Ray's death, some sections of the site were removed – particularly those dealing with how to contact Ray. Because of this, you may occasionally encounter a link that doesn't go anywhere. Just let us know about it and we'll fix it. Thank you!

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As a big fan of Ray's work over the years, I decided that Ray's works were too valuable to not share. The free content Ray offered is timeless and helped shape the education and techniques of many marketers today.

I know you'll find Ray's body of work informative and inspiring. It's also a tribute to Ray's gift to direct marketing.


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