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Direct Mail Helps a Marketer Sink His Teeth into the Dental Market

Going to the dentist isn’t something most people look forward to. Nor brag about. Such is not the case for Glenn Goldschmidt. He likes going to the dentist ... and does so at least once a month.

Goldschmidt Is the Chief Executive of Dental Discounts. An importer and distributor of dental materials and supplies, headquartered in Rivonia, South Africa. I first met him at a mail order seminar I was giving. And since Dental Discounts is a mail order house, he was in attendance.

At the annual South African Marketing Congress, he and I visited again. And boy oh boy, has Dental Discounts grown! Goldschmidt is doing a good job.

Here is part of his story. In just over five years Dental Discounts grew from a start-up business to a most profitable operation using sound and basic direct response marketing techniques. Nothing fancy — no die-cuts or four color printing, no odd-size envelopes or lumpy packages. Nothing out of the ordinary.

DD makes a good offer, to the right people, and does so over and over again and again. Goldschmidt shares stories of three years of mailings to the same good prospect before they became a customer. He has learned that repetition will improve business. Repetition improves your reputation.

A good limited-time offer is also key. Every month there is a different offer. The good offers are repeated — sometimes month after month. Some come and go. One of the DD special offers is called Take-Two Savers. It is very simple: You buy as much as you want — in multiples of two — and save. While stocks last!

On the back of many of the standard-size mailing envelopes (remember to use the back of your envelopes because 75% of the people who touch your envelope will turn it over before opening it) Goldschmidt makes an offer. The same offer, month after month. The only difference is the ink color.

Limited-time offers work well for DD. The mailing for July was a little late. So, to make up for that, a buck-slip note was included in the mailing extending the July offers through August. A good idea. It gave more dentists time to respond — yet there still was a deadline: August 31.

Many of the mailings include some educational material. Goldschmidt titles these papers Problem Solving in Endo. Which probably makes about as much sense to you as it does to me (only the dictionary begins to give me a hint at what he is talking about specifically). Each Problem Solving paper is one page, and two-hole punched to fit in a binder for reference.

Why does DD offer this educational material? The answer is easy ... it reminds the dentists of tools, materials, and supplies they can purchase from Dental Discounts.

Another enclosure from time to time is a newsletter. The title: Dental Happenings ... The Tooth, The Whole Tooth, and so on, may be a little corny, but it works. It offers information on new products. A classified section. Discounts on travel bargains. And special dental supply offers that are good only for the next 30 days.

An example of a travel bargain is one which tied Konica film, American Express, and a trip to Mauritius into the amount of film the dentist ordered. Of course, it had a limited time offer as part of the package ... you had to place your order by December 31.

Goldschmidt also knows where his bread is buttered at the Post. So again, recognizing that he would not have a successful business without total cooperation from the Post Office, Dental Discounts hosted a thank-you luncheon for the postmaster and staff of the Rivonia Post Office. And then Goldschmidt worked the event by getting a nice article and picture in the local newspaper. Good public relations, too.

Although we may not like the thought of going to the dentist, it is reassuring to know that dentists are being served the best products and services — via mail order — by Dental Discounts.

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