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Big Response from Jakarta Movie Goers

Those of us who have been in direct marketing for some time can remember when the primary tool was direct mail.. Secondarily we used some speciality magazines and that was about it. Over the last 3 decades, that has certainly changed dramatically. We have broadcast in a variety of forms. We have interactive video. And although direct mail is still the mainstay, the telephone has become an almost mandatory tool in mail-order, lead generation, and fund raising programs.

An independent direct marketing agency in Jakarta has come up with something new.

Pt Usaha Sistim Perdana (USP) is going into movie theatres and running commercials on the screen. Supporting it with take one boxes in the foyer. Twice when I've been in Jakarta running seminars, news of that event was being broadcast in the Studio 21 theatres throughout Jakarta.

And then when the viewers left the movie house, on the way out the door, they could pick up a post card to mail in for additional information. It worked! There were actually a number of inquiries that turned into registrations for one or more of the seminars.

USP is a new direct marketing agency. It began business just about a year ago. They are working with a number of local as well as some very large international accounts. A good part of their new business comes from running public seminars. For gaining exposure and educating the marketplace.

Direct marketing in Indonesia is not exactly a household word. Although there have been a number of both international and local suppliers in the field over the last 20 years, the numbers have certainly been small.

The seminars have been an effective means for USP to gain exposure and to educate the marketplace at the same time.

Why movie theatres? The reason is very simple. USP is part of a conglomerate which owns, among other things, several hundred movie theatres throughout Indonesia. And a good two dozen plus in Jakarta. The corporation is called Studio 21, part of the Subentra Organization. So, the exposure is basically "free".

Will we do it again? Probably. USP is growing in stature and size. It's beginning to be known. More people (more of the middle and upper class management people who seem to attend the better theatres and see the first run movies) are beginning to be aware of direct marketing.

And in Jakarta, USP equals direct marketing.

There may or may not be an application in this for you where you are. I know in the USA where I live, it would probably be exorbitantly expensive to do something like this. And besides, the American marketplace seemingly doesn't want to see commercials when they're in the movie theatre. They want to see the movie.

But, in Jakarta, it's different. It's unusual. It's unique. And it works efficiently well for us to at least give it another test the next time round.

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