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Telemarketing Can Be Profitable
When It's Done Right

The key to becoming accomplished in telemarketing sales is to work in a structured manner, with a structured approach, much the same way an on-the-road sales rep delivers effective presentations time after time. The following list insures a proper beginning to any telephone marketing program:

1. Have a clear definition of the purpose of the total telephone marketing program you are going to implement.

2. Make sure your objectives are in measurable terms.

3. Know when to use the telephone as a marketing tool and when not to.

4. Prepare a telephone script, just as you have a sales presentation or direct mail message or advertising message or public relations message. Write your script, and then learn it.

5. Keep your scripts flexible, depending on the questions you know your prospect will ask. Write your scripts word for word. Do not memorize them. Learn them.

6. Make sure your calling list is the right list. It should be clean and accurate. The telephone costs too much to have the list be wrong in the beginning.

7. Have a control form or some kind of record keeping to track your telephone calls and all necessary information.

8. Before you begin, review those you are going to call to make sure you know as much about them as is necessary. Know your prospect!

9. Be clear about the purpose of your call. Know exactly what you want the person you're calling to do.

10. Be sure you have the right person on the phone before you begin your presentation.

11. Make sure the prospect is free to talk to you at that time.

12. Build into your script an opening hook or question, a reason for listening to you, just as you do when you make a one-on-one presentation. You want your prospect to agree with you.

13. Have a back-up or secondary benefit ready to support that opening hook.

14. Make mental contact. "See" the person you're talking to!

15. Do not assume the prospect understands you. Make certain you are getting through.

16. Feed back to the prospect their key words or phrases. Pick up on what they do.

17. Have a strong series of closes ready. Again, just as you do when face to face, be ready to close. Ask for the order!

18. Keep it simple. Use short words, simple phrases, and easy-o-understand points. Speak slowly, distinctly. clearly. Use "you" language.

19. Make sure you know what you're doing before you do hundreds or thousands of calls.

The telephone is much more expensive than direct mail. Efficiency and a profitable bottom line come only if you carry your program on and on.

Power Direct Marketing article INDEX

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