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Sex Sells: The Xandria Gold Collection

  • How To Make Love To A Man.
  • How To Make Love To A Woman.
  • Long Sleeve Body Stocking.
  • Fishnet Teddy.
  • Love Glove.
  • Homeopathic Formulas Created by the Institute of Advanced Studies of Sexuality.
  • Fore-Playing Cards.
  • Chinese Love Beads.
  • Direct from "Stormy Leather"


These 9 headlines are just a few of what you'll find in the Xandria Gold Collection.

And who, or what, is the Xandria Gold Collection?

Xandria is the catalogue name for a mail-order company selling under the Lawrence Research Group name. Located in Northern California USA, and enjoying over 25 years of service to their customers.

What do they sell? Well, with only a single "X" in their name, maybe you didn't get it. They sell "martial aids". Sex toys and related "stuff". And do they know how to do it right! Very classy direct mail packages, with foundation direct marketing techniques in place.

Every 6 X 9 outgoing mailing envelope is white. I mention this, as I said to a friend working at Xandria that I guessed they had the worlds largest supply of brown paper bags. Not so ... they are white.

Each envelope has copy front and back. Teaser copy on the fulfillment package goes like this;

... The information you requested is enclosed

In the stamp area is a bold, red FIRST CLASS rubber stamp.

At the top of the window is this line;


Underneath the window is this bold copy;


All on the front of a cleanly designed pure white envelope. The Xandria name is not present anywhere, just a return address.

On the back the offer is clearly stated;


You have 15 days to receive your FREE BONUS GIFT!

The holiday catalogue mailing envelope comes with a wonderful red and green teaser line;

Have you been naughty or nice?

Inside the catalogue cover has this title;

Joys of the Season

Ah, yes, isn't it so.

On the cover is a special limited time offer;

Order our 2 day service by 10am on Dec. 20th
and receive your order by Dec. 22nd!

Every envelope with every mailing has at least one - sometimes two - clearly spelled out offers;

... 15 days to claim your FREE Bonus Gifts!

... Open Immediately! SPECIAL OFFERS INSIDE

... FREE Bonus Gifts Offer

... $5 Last Chance Coupon Inside

Every package is personalized. As direct mail for Xandria is only to customers. No prospecting via the mail.

Each mailing includes a sheet of 6-8 testimonials - most often opposite the bonus gift sheet. Which itself is full of good offers;

... For Orders Over $100 Choose Any Two Gifts!

... For Orders Over $200 Choose Any Three Gifts!

Obviously, great ways to encourage an up-sell.

The catalogue covers are most often beautiful scenery. With great headlines;

- Summer Sizzles! 19 Fabulous NEW products!

- Autumn Rapture 17 New Products For Your Pleasure

Through-out the copy there is heavy use of explanation marks. In my estimation, a little too heavy.

The back comes in two styles: sometimes there is a white block for addressing and codes, with a small area for product.

And sometimes the outside back cover is Xandria's Guarantee - which comes in 3 parts;

1). Confidentiality - a long 4 paragraphs worth

2). Quality - just 2 lines

3). Satisfaction - a pair of short paragraphs.

Below the guarantee is the "How To Order" section. Which includes 24 hour fax, toll-free phone (with Se Habla Espanol available), mail, and a web site; www.xandria.com as options.

Unfortunately, the guarantee and order info is printed on a glossy silver or gold stock, in black or reverse type. It is extremely difficult to read. Not good.

You've probably noticed I've not said a thing about a mail-order letter. Because there isn't one. Oh, there is in the fulfillment package ... a 2 page 3 color illustrated letter. With a P.S., indents, underlines, red sub-heads, a running headline to open it ... all the good stuff. Yet, that is the only letter in my entire collection of Xandria sample mailers.

Well, yes, there is a letter printed on the inside front cover of each catalogue. Good letters, too. Each includes a repeat of the phone number and web site. There is specific direction to new products on the inside pages. Type is serif, and in most cases large enough to be readable. Paragraphs are indented. Lots of good stuff.

And then - sad to say - graphics take over. The letter is printed on top of an overly designed background, generally making them unreadable.

Still, the package is going to customers. And evidently, from the testimonials, a wide variety of customers. All ages, wide backgrounds. Customers put up with much more than prospects. So maybe, just maybe, I'm making too much of the not so good points.

Everything is printed in soft 2-3-4 colors. With some screen box backgrounds. Clean. Neat. Nice.

The "annual" catalogue comes with a Philosophy page, and another from Our Advisory Board. The board consists of 2 men and 2 women who specialize in sex therapy and education. Which fits, as an educational spread titled Sexual Response Cycle follows. Each of these sections makes this digest size catalogue more of a magalogue - a knowledge piece. A keep piece.

My visit with Xandria included a discussion about their web site ... Xandria.com. This is interesting; as this is being written their web site is not yet a profit center. There is a special team assigned to work just that phase of their marketing ... to date they are not making a profit on line.

Management is concerned. Not so concerned they are about to pull the plug, no. Yet, concerned sufficiently to be taking a deep look.

Not profitable for a subtle sex site is a surprise. I would have guessed they were doing outstandingly well. The tenderness about a topic such as sex should mean the web is the perfect sales tool. So far not so for these folks. Maybe Xandria is too subtle!

Well, I visit anyway. The home page looks very much like all successful mail-order home pages. This is the opening greeting;

Welcome to the new Xandria.com!

Welcome to Xandria.com, your premiere adult toy store on the Internet. For 25 years, The Xandria Collection has delighted adults worldwide with an exciting assortment of sensual enhancement products. We provide S.A.F.E Shopping (Secure and Fun Erotic Shopping) using SSL technology, backed by our unique 3-way Guarantees: 100% Quality, 100% Confidentiality, and 100% Satisfaction.

And, there are many options. Such as a chat room, message board, e-zine and a most interesting "Poll of the week". A good way to get repeat visits, and fun, too. Plus a Q&A section, with answers all can read. Another reason for repeat visits.

Plus a joke section. As you could guess, jokes a wee bit on the "blue" side. With a call for you to e-mail your favorites to Jokes@Xandria.com. If yours shows up online you earn a $10. gift certificate.

And then there are products. The new products, the seasonal products, the special products. Including a unique collection of sex-sensual e-post cards you can send to your friends.

The usual FAQ section offers a truly different opportunity; Home Parties. The idea is you sell, just like Tupperware, from the comfort of your living room. Or maybe that is bedroom!

The web site - in my estimation - is a better product than the catalogue. There are many options, all tastefully offered.

Well, enough. You get the idea. Xandria is a direct marketing company, selling what some would title "controversial" products. And doing so in a very professional and still very adult fashion. EnJoy!

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